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Growing your Business

Recent years might have reduced the number of conversations that banks have had with our customers about growing business but those conversations and the need to finance growth are on the rise again. Debt can be a powerful tool for financing growth plans but too much debt can be detrimental to a company’s long term survival. First Bank of the Palm Beaches is ready to be there when your business needs to bring on debt and is ready to give you the hard feedback you might need when debt is in danger of growing out of control.


The decision to bring on debt for the average business is very different than for large publically traded corporations. Finance managers in large corporations face daily decisions to issue debt or equity in order to manage their cash flow appropriately. Businesses often can only issue equity to family and debt may not be an option depending on the circumstances. However, there are a number of creative ways that a small business can introduce debt into their company including taking a loan against real estate, personal assets or inventory and receivables. Small businesses should be with a bank that understands the need to be creative and has experience with other businesses that have been in similar situations.

Cash Management

High growth can have negative impact on cash flow as receivables rapidly increase and bills need to be paid. Furthermore business stakeholders may be focused on maintaining growth through sales and start to drop the ball on timely collection of receivables. Working capital lines of credit are often an important part of a healthy growing business. First Bank can help you understand your working capital needs and how to efficiently manage cash.


Businesses today run lean and mean as technology allows employees to work smarter and while still working hard.  First Bank has all of the tools to allow your people to manage your cash flow without having to leave their desk.  Remote Deposit, Wire Transfers, ACH Processing, Payroll or paying bills can happen with the click of a button, allowing your people to be more productive which saves your business money.