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Getting Your Money to the Bank

The number one reason that a customer chooses to bank with a particular institution is convenience.  This is exactly why so many businesses find themselves with a bank that is located right next to them but completely non-responsive to their particular needs.  Well, the world has changed and First Bank of the Palm Beaches is often more convenient for your business than even that bank that located right outside your door.

Remote Deposit

If the primary reason that you physically go to the bank is to deposit checks that your customers give to you then Remote Deposit might be the perfect way for your business to do its banking.  Remote Deposit is a check scanner that sits in your office and allows you to make your bank deposit at your desk in about the time it takes to pour yourself a cup of coffee.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection and some checks to deposit and you can do your banking inside of your office and eliminate trips for you and for your staff to the bank.  With Remote Deposit you will:

  • Increase productivity by reducing or eliminating trips to the bank, 
  • Improve cash flow by depositing checks immediately instead of saving them up for a few days to save trips to the bank,
  • Gain access to improved reporting to better understand your payments from your customers. 

Remote Deposit is perfect for attorneys, doctors, cpas, electricians, plumbers, window companies, mechanics, day care centers, etc.  In other words if a business is not cash intensive, Remote Deposit might be a great fit.

First Courier Express

While Remote Deposit is a fantastic service there might be a few reasons why it is not perfect for a particular business.  That is why First Bank supplements Remote Deposit with our courier program.  Business customers can have our bank’s courier pick up deposits at their location weekly, bi-weekly or even daily depending on their needs.  Our courier travels much of Palm Beach County and might be driving directly by your location already.

Electronic Banking, ACH and Direct Deposit

Of course most banks have online banking and free bill pay these days although some of the big banks sneak as many fees related to these services in as they can.  First Bank’s online and electronic banking platforms are state of the art and will not disappoint compared to other offerings.  First Bank also offers extensive cash management serves such as ACH origination that allows your company to pull payments directly from your customer’s accounts for various regular intervals.

Wire Transfers

No other method of payment is as fast or as final.  If you need a payment right now and you need to absolutely know that the funds are good then a wire is the only way to go.  First Bank’s incoming wire process is second to none.  Every time one of our customers receives an incoming wire, a First Bank representative will call to let you know that the payment is received.  Forget about sitting and waiting for confirmation of funds, let us inform you what is happening with your banking and you worry about running your business.

First Bank’s deposit offerings make our bank more convenient than the big banks without sacrificing customer service and banker availability.  The technology, the service and the convenience are tough to beat.