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Financing Working Capital

Working capital loans are a very important reason community banks exist. Large banks like to deal with large customers on these types of loans. However, just because a business is small does not mean that there is not a legitimate need to finance working capital. First Bank of the Palm Beaches can help your business convert receivables to cash in order to keep the engine turning in your business.

Traditional Working Capital Loans

Figure 1 shows a detailed view of the traditional operating cycle in a company that produces goods and holds inventory. Materials are ordered and paid for, turned into inventory, sold on credit and finally paid for. Obviously cash is used in this process before it is collected which fundamentally creates a need to finance the manufacturing cycle.


At First Bank you will get the wisdom of our experience to guide you in this process while also knowing that you are speaking with our decision makers. We will take the time to understand your business and help you to understand where we fit in. The numbers are important, but having a trusted relationship is more important so give First Bank a chance to earn that trust.

Seasonal Working Capital Loans

South Florida’s unique economy creates the need for various seasonal lines of credit. Many of our well established businesses in this area experience drastic slowdowns during the summer months and often need to finance core operational costs while revenues decrease. First Bank can provide financing during the slow off season months with a seasonal line of credit so that your business can properly manage this expected event.

A local bank with a solid understanding of our local economy is important to the seasonal working capital loan process. Make sure your bank’s decision makers are a part of that local economy.

Banking with First Bank

A major part of financing working capital is being comfortable with the banking / deposit side of the relationship. Any bank that is going to finance your working capital needs will require your businesses primary operating deposit relationship. First Bank of the Palm Beaches is no exception to the requirement, but does provide exceptional banking service.

First Bank’s deposit offerings such as Remote Deposit, Courier, ACH Processing, Cash Management and Wire Transfers make our bank as convenient as any other but our team makes us much more enjoyable to work with. Experience the First Bank difference and allow us to provide your working capital along with our superior banking.