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Mobile Deposit

Coming Soon! Deposit Checks from your phone or home scanner!

It's almost here! The final answer to the age old question: "How do I bank with my local community bank when the big banks are so convenient with a branch on every corner?" Please give a warm welcome to First Bank of the Palm Beaches' First Deposit Program.

What is First Deposit?

With First Deposit, consumers and some small businesses can make check deposits directly from your cell phone or flatbed scanner. Simply take a picture of the front and back of the check, enter the amount you are depositing, submit the deposit and you are done!

There is no more convenient way to do your banking available in the marketplace today… and the small bank with the exception service has it. When the first class service model of a community bank meets state of the art technology, nothing but good things can happen.

Who is First Deposit good for?

The best use of the First Deposit system is for individuals that receive a handful of checks for various reasons but still direct deposit primary sources of income such as paychecks and social security checks. Electronic transfers and direct deposits get immediate availability while the First Deposit program typically offers two day availability for deposited items. When you combine the ability to access cash from any ATM with a full refund of the fee by First Bank, there is now almost no reason to bank anywhere else.

How does First Deposit compare with other bank's programs?

Just like with many other banking services, the big banks will try to fit their customers into a one size fits all product offering. That translates into only being able to deposit a small number of small checks. The fact that we have a strong personal relationship with each of our customers allows us increased flexibility and the ability to understand you individually.

How do I get First Deposit?

Call us at First Bank of the Palm Beaches or contact us via our website or Facebook and we will be happy to give you a call, show you a demonstration and get you set up with First Deposit!