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Switching to First Bank

As of June 30, 2011 there were 313 banks in Florida that take consumer deposits. So the question must be asked, why should someone choose First Bank of the Palm Beaches? Despite the fact that there are so many banks in the state, the top three banks control 45% of the deposits state wide leaving 310 banks fighting for the remaining 55% of your business. Many individuals are with those big banks for all of the wrong reasons.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose First Bank.  

When you choose First Bank of the Palm Beaches the number one thing that we want you to remember is that you are not alone. Our bankers are ready and willing to help you and to advise you on how best to proceed in getting your new account with us up and running while phasing out your old account. Many people see changing banks as a hassle, but review some of the differences between our bank and the top three below and see if hours-worth of effort is worth years of a good relationship.

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According to J.D. Power and Associates, the number one reason that someone switches banks is due to a change in life circumstance, such as moving. Of course we hope that someone moving to Palm Beach County chooses First Bank but let’s explore the next three largest categories.

1. Fees / Rates

First Bank of the Palm Beaches does not promise to always have the lowest fees or the highest rates (although you will find us to be highly competitive). What we do promise is your understanding of what we charge and why we charge it. Our goal is not to charge fees such as: paper statement fees, viewing images of checks online fees, monthly debit card fees, etc. Our goal is to manage our loans and deposits in such a way as to achieve reasonable growth, thus being able to finance more businesses, provide more home loans and to give more to local charities than we did the year before. We invite you to compare First Bank’s fees to those of any big bank. You will like what you see.

2. Unmet Expectations

One of First Bank’s core values is honesty. First Bank of the Palm Beaches is not for everybody. While electronic banking allows us to reach customers that are located miles away from our bank, some customers are just not the right fit for a small community bank like ours. A First Bank of the Palm Beaches banker will give you the advice that you need when choosing a bank, even if it means sending you to another one of our community banking friends. Our goal is to serve our community and thus win its loyalty, not to set unreasonable expectations to make a quick dollar.

3. Better Customer Service

First Bank will take the Pepsi Challenge with any of the big banks when it comes to customer service. No 1-800 numbers, no offices in other parts of the world, no hassles. If you have not experienced the difference between a community bank’s service and that of a big bank, come by our branch and ask to speak with our President and CEO. He will gladly explain it to you.