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Getting your money to the bank

The most frequent reason that people think they can’t bank with First Bank of the Palm Beaches is because they feel that the one location the bank offers is not convenient. Electronic banking though has removed the need for a bank branch on every corner and people’s perception of convenience is often no longer reality.

Depositing your Paycheck

There is nothing quite like payday for feeling that there is a reason why you are doing all of that hard work. While some people and some small employers still issue paper checks, the reality is that most employers now offer Direct Deposit. First Bank handles Direct Deposit transactions with no problem and while we hope you do come and visit us at the branch, there is usually not a need for your paycheck.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are not limited just to our business customers. If you have someone wire transfer you funds into your personal account, a First Bank representative will call you right away once that wire is received in order to let you know that it has arrived and all is well. First Bank does wire transfers better than just about everyone and our personal accounts get the same great service as our commercial accounts do.

Depositing Miscellaneous Checks

Of course you can come to the bank to make your various check deposits but you may travel for work or move up north in the summer months. The US mail is still a viable way to deposit your checks. When your banker makes your mailed deposit, we will mail you back your receipt immediately so that you can keep accurate records. You may also monitor your transaction history with First Bank’s free online banking.

The most exciting thing in making personal deposits though is coming out in early 2013. First Bank of the Palm Beaches is working on our Mobile Capture product which will allow you to take a picture of your check with your cell phone and submit your check electronically. When cutting edge technology meets the friendliness and service levels of a community bank, watch out. Great things can and will happen!

Depositing Cash

No fancy tricks here, when you have some excess cash to get to the bank, come on over and say hello to us. We will buy you a cup of coffee or give you some candy for your trouble!



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